Project Information

This document provides an overview of the various documents and links that are part of this project's general information. All of this content is automatically generated by Maven on behalf of the project.


AboutRow-Bean core provides all the necessary reading and writing beans in CSV files. It provides in particular ways to map beans with each line of the file using XML descriptor.
Project SummaryThis document lists other related information of this project
Project LicenseThis is a link to the definitions of project licenses.
Project TeamThis document provides information on the members of this project. These are the individuals who have contributed to the project in one form or another.
Source RepositoryThis is a link to the online source repository that can be viewed via a web browser.
Dependency InformationThis document describes how to to include this project as a dependency using various dependency management tools.
DependenciesThis document lists the project's dependencies and provides information on each dependency.
Plugin ManagementThis document lists the plugins that are defined through pluginManagement.