About net.sf.csv-bean:row-bean-parent

Row-Bean is a CSV-Bean JAVA API. Row-Bean provides a mechanism to map csv file content to java beans and revers. For each use, a XML description must describe the wished mapping.

Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

net.sf.csv-bean:row-bean-coreRow-Bean core provides all the necessary reading and writing beans in CSV files. It provides in particular ways to map beans with each line of the file using XML descriptor.
net.sf.csv-bean:row-bean-annotationsthis module provides some useful class to add mapping annotations capability to row-bean-core.
net.sf.csv-bean:row-bean-sampleRow-Bean sample module provides some samples of Row-Bean core use.
net.sf.csv-bean:row-bean-distDistribution for Row-Bean artifacts.